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October 1st 2020

The Gibson Hotel, Dublin

Happy Workplaces 2020 is a one day conference for leaders who are ready to embrace high-trust, high-autonomy & high-performance management. Key speakers will share how they build and sustain happy workplace culture and practices – and how you can do the same. You will leave not only inspired, but fully equipped to take concrete action steps in your organisation.

The evidence is clear: organisations which focus on creating happy workplaces are more productive and more successful. But the knowing-doing gap persists. Many managers struggle to build the culture and practices required for real engagement and performance.

Could you be doing more to engage your people at work?

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Henry StewartHenry Stewart

CEO, Happy

Happy have won numerous awards for not only being a great place to work but also a democratic workplace. Henry is one of the Worlds leading speakers on workplace happiness. Author of the The Happy Manifesto, highlights the organisations which have achieved success by implementing Happy principles, all presented in Henry’s usual dynamic style.

Stephen DarganStephen Dargan

CEO, Wake Up!

In 2007 after 9 years working within management in the Manufacturing industry Stephen came to the conclusion that for many of us, we only work because we have no other option. Many of us spend almost a third of our lives accepting a life of disengagement with little or no purpose and a feeling that we have no control over our daily working lives.
It was while studying management that he had discovered “Maverick” by Ricardo Semler and realised that most of what we do within our working day leaves us unfulfilled and most workplaces are just examples of absurdity and stupidity. So he left work and bought a round the world ticket.
Since returning (he had to come back eventually- or maybe he didn’t) Stephen has concentrated on what makes us happier in life in all forms and particularly what we can do to change the way we think about work.

Timen BaartTimen Baart

Author of Win With Trust

Timen Baart is the author of Win With Trust. Timen presents why an empathetic approach to trust is the key to success in business. He explains that employee trust requires leaders to view employees not as liabilities, nor assets, but as individuals who are the hero in their own story. Trust starts as an elusive concept, but Timen presents a framework to identify trust issues and provides a way to systematically improve trust. It arms managers and leaders with the awareness and skills to increase trust, and to make the business case for trust. As the CEO of TrustXP, he works with companies and consultants to measure and enhance employee trust.

Julie PôneJulie Pône

Soul-level career coach

Julie Pône is a soul-level career coach and stress management trainer. She helps professionals who feel stressed, stuck or unfulfilled to restore a sense of purpose in
their careers. Since 2012, she has used HeartMath stress management technology to teach them how to leverage the power of their heart to build resilience and make better decisions in their lives and careers.But, tired of seeing too many conscious professionals unable to thrive in soul-crushing environments, she is turning to companies to advocate for heart-based workplaces and helping to provide supportive positive environments where, instead of wasting their precious energy to overcome stress and negativity, people can productively focus on doing their best work.

Nahla SummersNahla Summers


Nahla Summers is a cultural change consultant, inspiring author, public speaker, award winner and the driving force behind ‘A Culture of Kindness’ and ’44 Rays of Sunshine’ (Winning Most Inspirational Book 2017). Her story and how she overcame adversity has been inspiring businesses and people around the world.
‘A Culture of Kindness’ is about the powerful theory of how we can bring kindness into the workplace and not only be happier and improve wellbeing but also be more productive and therefore profitable. We are looking to change the way people and businesses co-exist by delivering powerful information and training through talks, books, podcasts, online course and coaching retreat programs to work towards a more sustainable future and stronger teams, people and mindsets.
Using the theory, her experience and work, Nahla transforms organisations to ones with higher productivity, improved employee retention, engagement and reduces stress and anxiety in the workplace. Through her talks, she inspires a mindset of positive change in her audiences and organisations.
As well as creating change within businesses, Nahla has set herself the challenge to spread kindness acts globally through sponsored events. Through cycling 3000 miles across America and walking 500 miles from South to North England, she asked people to show their support by simply doing an act of kindness for a stranger rather than sponsor money. Every year she takes on new challenges and every year discovers something new about the power that kindness has on people, 2020 is set to be the biggest year yet.

Timen BaartAoife O’Brien

Empowerment Coaching

Before launching her own business, Empowerment Coaching, Aoife had a successful 17 years in the corporate world, working with global companies to solve marketing problems. She is passionate about empowering people to be happier at work. She works with organisations and individuals, running workshops, consultancy programs, and one-to-one sessions. She is passionate about ‘fit’ and specifically how creating the right environment can help individuals to reach their full potential and support organisations to thrive. Understanding humans and how they behave at work is key to this. She has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Perth and Sydney and is currently studying for a MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour. She has a podcast called Happier at Work.

Jane StollerJane Stoller

How to build a culture of engagement with trust, freedom and responsibility

Meet Jane Stoller – a Swiss-Canadian life-biz organizer, speaker, author and university instructor whose passion is in de-cluttering spaces and organizing business processes. Jane wrote her first book Organizing for Your Lifestyle in 2016 to help friends get more organized. It ultimately gained international attention, and this allowed Jane to turn her passion into a profitable business, Organized Jane. Stoller travels all around the world working with clients ranging from individuals looking to revamp one space, to large corporations needing a complete business overhaul.
“My goal is not to turn someone’s home into a magazine perfect image, it is not sustainable,” says Stoller. “I work around a client’s specific lifestyle, or an aspect of their life they want to focus on, and develop a custom organization system from there. The end result? Reduced stress, increased productivity and happiness.”
When Stoller sets down her pen and paper, she puts on her teaching hat. Stoller lectures at Vancouver Island University in Canada for part of the year, helping students learn management skills.
Prior to launching her organizing business, Stoller worked for the large cement company in the world, which allowed her to live all over Canada and Europe. Jane had an invaluable experience, but decided to make a nerve-wracking jump to entrepreneurship after realizing she wanted to live life to its fullest and follow her passion for organizing.
Stoller is currently promoting her second book, Decluttering for Dummies, teaching, working with individual and corporate clients, and can be found at various speaking events.In her spare time Stoller enjoys traveling to exotic destinations, spending time with family, and staying active via skiing as currently resides in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, and has a secondary home in Exuma, Bahamas.

Luke KyteLuke Kyte

Head of culture at Reddico

Luke Kyte is the head of culture at Reddico, a digital marketing agency with a culture of trust, freedom and responsibility. There’s full autonomy as the team self-regulate their annual leave, decide when, where and how they work, choose their own targets, and don’t have managers – with incredible results in both team and client happiness.


Happy Workplaces 2020 is designed for delegates in both private and public sector organisations:

You are an executive or manager in general management, L&D or HR.

You understand the link between open, high-trust culture and sustainable high performance.

You are committed to changing your organisation for the better.


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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