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April 4th 2019

The Gibson Hotel, Dublin

Happy Workplaces 2019 is a one day conference for leaders who are ready to embrace high-trust, high-autonomy & high-performance management.Key speakers will share how they build and sustain happy workplace culture and practices – and how you can do the same. You will leave not only inspired, but fully equipped to take concrete action steps in your organisation.

The evidence is clear: organisations which focus on creating happy workplaces are more productive and more successful. But the knowing-doing gap persists. Many managers struggle to build the culture and practices required for real engagement and performance.

Could you be doing more to engage your people at work?

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Henry StewartHenry Stewart

CEO, Happy

Happy have won numerous awards for not only being a great place to work but also a democratic workplace. Henry is one of the Worlds leading speakers on workplace happiness. Author of the The Happy Manifesto, highlights the organisations which have achieved success by implementing Happy principles, all presented in Henry’s usual dynamic style.

Ken TormeyKen Tormey

Director at Typetec

Typetec are one of Ireland’s leading IT providers. Ken is going to talk about smart working and will share some practical insights into how he implemented a change management process in Typetec. He will demonstrate the improvements in staff engagement and the impact in their customers satisfaction survey.

Terri MoloneyTerri Moloney

Senior Director, Employee Success at Salesforce

* Senior Executive with experience in HR, Sales and Operations and a proven record of success in large, complex multi-national organizations.
* Highly effective change agent with a history of building functions from the ground up and of establishing systems and processes for effectiveness and efficiency.
* Pragmatic problem solver aligning strategy with business objectives, working closely with senior executives and line managers to get things done.
* Strong business acumen with effective decision making skills; proven capability in handling a diverse range of issues.
* Strategic thinker with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and an ability to relate to people at all levels.
* Customer-focused and performance driven with experience at both Group and Subsidiary level in various functions and sectors.

Stephen DarganStephen Dargan

CEO, Wake Up!

In 2007 after 9 years working within management in the Manufacturing industry Stephen came to the conclusion that for many of us, we only work because we have no other option. Many of us spend almost a third of our lives accepting a life of disengagement with little or no purpose and a feeling that we have no control over our daily working lives.
It was while studying management that he had discovered “Maverick” by Ricardo Semler and realised that most of what we do within our working day leaves us unfulfilled and most workplaces are just examples of absurdity and stupidity. So he left work and bought a round the world ticket.
Since returning (he had to come back eventually- or maybe he didn’t) Stephen has concentrated on what makes us happier in life in all forms and particularly what we can do to change the way we think about work.

Dom MonkhouseDom Monkhouse

Foundry Media

Foundry Media and the Melting pot Podcast and previously Peer 1 and ServerBeach ” Why culture is all there is – FYI it’s not a bloody foozball table”. Dominic is an expert on creating great places to work. Ask him how this creates customer addiction and growth. He works as a guru with various cloud computing providers in Europe, the USA and Australia. He is also an NED and adviser at some high growth tech business in the UK. He has spent over twenty years working in sales, marketing and business management within the IT services sector. His most recent corporate role was as MD at Iomart group plc; before that he held executive positions at Peer 1, IT Lab, Pipex, Rackspace and Interliant. In his life before IT, he sold drugs, gold, diamonds and learned much as a purveyor of beautiful knickers and chickens. He is a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and how this translates into his vision for achieving customer addiction and rapid business growth. He is on a mission; meet two interesting people and do someone a meaningful favour, each and every day.

Sarah MetcalfeSarah Metcalfe


Sarah joined Sure Petcare in 2010, taking responsibility for the company’s customer service and guiding it through an extraordinary period of expansion and growth. She now leads a talented multi-lingual team who deliver outstanding customer service and happiness to all Sure Petcare customers around the world. Sarah is passionate about happiness in the workplace, and she knows the positive impact this has on the customer experience. Through continuing to innovate and improve the customer journey, Sure Petcare now has an Net Promoter Score of 90+ in over 20 countries around the world.Sarah also runs her own consulting company Happy Coffee Consulting to help companies create great customer service & happy workplaces.Sarah has trained with Happy Ltd, and Woohoo Inc, and has recently become a certified partner of Woohoo Inc and a certified Chief Happiness Officer to provide training & keynotes on creating happiness at work.

Andrea CallananAndrea Callanan

Owner of inspireMe

Voice expert Andrea Callanan has a passion for people. She’s the founder and owner of inspireMe, the authentic engagement company providing mindful, creative people solutions for top brands. InspireMe, the home of the &inspire activities is best known for the award winning Sing & Inspire, recognised for its motivational ‘Inspire’ workplace choirs and impactful team building workshops.

Treasa SpraggTreasa Spragg

CEO – Revolution Project Ltd.

From ballet dancing until her early 20s with the Cork Ballet Company and Cork City Ballet to presenting Zumba(r) on top of the Meydan Hotel in Dubai, Revolution Project Ltd’s Treasa Spragg has had a varied and exciting journey in bringing health and wellbeing to the masses in Ireland, Germany and the UAE. Treasa has one main mission in life; to make people happier and healthier.
The company itself is based on the belief that moving more, nourishing ourselves, minimising our stress and optimising our sleep leads to a fuller, more productive and meaningful life. Treasa
firmly believes that we’re all of intrinsic value with something unique to offer to the world and that we thrive when we feel like we belong and have meaningful connections.

Melissa CurleyMelissa Curley

Melissa Curley is an ex-secondary school teacher turned entrepreneur. Travelling the world for 11 years gave her a crystal keen sense of the importance of people and culture.
Returning to Ireland in 2011, Melissa proceeded to design and build two businesses, both of which had the same core WHY: to bring people together to converse, connect, and create communities once again in their lives, both professionally and personally. The connected world is a peopled world, and in order to be happy and productive, both in our personal lives and our professional workplaces, we need to prioritise people, and interaction, and F2F communication.

Richard MurphyRichard Murphy

CEO & Founder of Zevo Health

Richard Murphy is the CEO & Founder of Zevo Health, a workplace wellness provider that aims to make companies a healthier place for people to work in, both physically and mentally. Richard created Zevo Health just over three years ago and the company has fast grown in to one of Irelands leading workplace wellness programme providers. Zevo Health have successfully implemented various wellness programmes in organisations across the UK and Ireland and continue to make employers and employees happier and healthier in their working environment.
The tailor designed wellness programmes are created by a team of over 20 health coaches who deliver training in areas such as stress management, mindfulness, work-life balance that are tailor-made to the needs and culture of the organisation.

Grainne ToherGrainne Toher


Yogapal is Ireland’s first and only digital wellness marketplace.
We do the hard work so that you don’t have to.
We deliver a lean, seamless end-to-end service to all our clients.
Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness and Specialist Services direct to your door.


Happy Workplaces 2019 is designed for delegates in both private and public sector organisations:

You are an executive or manager in general management, L&D or HR.

You understand the link between open, high-trust culture and sustainable high performance.

You are committed to changing your organisation for the better.


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

Engage your people at work



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